I was challenged with creating two posters based around the theme of dusk. With full creative freedom I began exploring the true meaning of the word. From this, I came to discover sun graphs depicting the time of sunrise and sunset which led me to a typographic solution.


Dusk occurs at the end of astronomical twilight and after sunset, just before night begins. My research also led me to discover the elliptical phases of the moon and the shapes of the sun at sunset. I broke these shapes down to their simplest form which gave me a base to visually work from and that I could incorporate into the typography. I worked with these shapes to build the typography, yet the design was becoming quite flat and needed another dimension. This is when the textures of the moon came to light where I experimented with ink on paper to replicate the rocky craters and crevices that make up the surface of the moon. The added textures act as an anchor for the typography where this base helped form the numbers and connected all of the different elements together. 


For the designs to be of purpose and to show a significant range of times the posters are linked to the beginning and the end of daylight saving time in the United Kingdom, respectively. This gap in time also illustrates the progression of dusk throughout the year, with the times indicating when sunset begins and the end of civil twilight, dusk. I toyed with the idea of creating a countdown as there are exactly 38 minutes between sunset and dusk, although this concept was not successful so the idea to simplify the times was more fitting to the design. 

A graphic design student with a degree in visual arts, bringing their own spin to the discipline. I have worked freelance as an illustrator and muralist since graduating from my previous degree, where working in a shared design studio sparked my interest in graphic design. 

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